Let’s Go, Nintendo Switch

310BEEE3-0C06-4169-ACD9-212DD0F8AE20Let’s Go Picachu/Eevee has been a hit in our family this Christmas. Good entry level game to bring a new generation into the Nintendo Switch ecosystem.


Mythical discovery

Excellent curveball.

This has been going on for ages. Making an excellent curveball throw is requirement for passing the Mythical Discovery quest. Finally made the successful throw during a bus trip today. Luck, and some skill – I must have been training curveballs with hundreds of balls during last few weeks for this.

Diablo3 enemies

Näyttökuva (14)“Zultun Kulle is completely untrustworthy, and more than a little insane, but I like him. He’s a fellow of rare ambition. I’m sure he’ll betray me at some point, and I’ll be forced to kill him. Until then, it will be interesting to have him around.” – It is precisely this kind of little gems that make this “action rpg” thoroughly enjoyable experience.